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We believe young people around the globe are an incredible source of innovation.

Young Enough Ambition is an organization which helps young people to develop their own sustainable initiatives, by providing them with long-term support, funding, access to a world-class network, and 3 free days of free workshops every fall, in Brazil.  

Discover what we do during our workshops, and register for the Brazil is Young Enough Summit 2019 here.







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Discover our Grantees

Young Enough Ambition has selected 3 initiatives among more than a dozen present to integrate its first ever « Grantees program », after a competitive process.

Grantees receive financial support, administrative help, mentoring from local successful figures, and access to networking opportunities through our different partnerships.

Our fully committed team

We are a group of young people, lucky enough to have acquired the tools to develop this organization at a young age. Now, we want to help our peers develop their projects, and we are motivated like never to do so. 

That’s why we have launched Young Enough Ambition. And that’s why we have hosted a dozen of incredible initiatives during the Social Business Challenge in October in São Paulo which resulted in the selection of 3 Grantees.

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more !

What they say about us.

"It was amazing, and there are no words to describe the passion you have been able to pass onto us, to take our time and take a step back when necessary to reflect on our ideas and projects. (...) It was not all theory at all, and we had to work, with your the help of your advices, to develop our projects. (...) Keep making a difference !"
Participant, Young Enough Ambition '18 - Brazil
"The workshops gave me the chance to take my time in developing my project, to discuss and come around it calmly, with people that encounter the same challenges as I do, and without any negative pressure from the team. Incredible !"
Grantee, Young Enough Ambition '18 - Brazil