Provide drinkable water – Madhav Datt

Where inspiration meets action

"I believe that climate change is the greatest challenges of our generation and it is up to us - the young engineers, technologists, and entrepreneurs - to build solutions."

Madhav Datt founded Green the Gene as a small environmental club in school when he was 8 years old. Since then, he has inspired over 7,000 young volunteers to join the organization, and scaled it to one of the world’s largest completely youth-run environmental non-profits, with projects in 62 countries.

Madhav is building technology and data intensive solutions tailored to address extremely specific yet acute and immediate environmental crises faced by local communities, and particularly young people across the world.

He led development of low-cost filtration devices at intersection of machine learning and chemical-free purification, bringing safe water access to over 40,000 people. With this technology, his devices have filtered ~14.4 million liters of water, and saved women from affected communities a cumulative of 15,000 hours of walking every day.

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