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Young Enough Ambition considers dialogue and solidarity between young people as core values and its main objectives. This is why we are launching the YEAdvocates Programme in 2020 !

(Video in french – english version coming soon)

Have a conversation with young people from around the world

YEAdvocates is first and foremost a dialogue network between young people (18-35 years old) from around the world and committed to the development of their communities. Through the platform Slack, you will access forums for discussions and collective thinking, to allow points of view, answers and ideals to arise.

Allow our projects to succeed by joining our strengths

YEAdvocates also is a solidarity network : if we all make our skills, knowledge and networks available, we will unite our assets and allow your projects to come to fruition. 

The YEAdvocates can create local YEA groups, inclusive youth communities. These groups can organise various activities (cultural events, fundraising, training courses…) while being supported by YEA !

An exclusive, appropriate and evolutive content

The programme offers diverse contents exclusively for its members. This content is defined through constant debate with the members of our network and our partners, and is backed up by the strengths and assets of our YEAdvocates.

Training sessions to enhance your initiatives

+ Live webinars : exclusive and free, hosted by our professional partners and our expert guests !

+ The everything-you-need library : a large choice of online courses (MOOCS), handbooks and other self-teaching documents, all available for free. The courses are gathered by topics and skills.

+ Mini-grants : each month, YEA will grant a few YEAdvocates a free access to certifying online courses !

A support to YEAdvocates’ projects

+ Access a large network : you will be put in touch with professionals and experts in relevant fields, who will advise and guide you the best they can.

+ Give visibility to our member’s projects : make your initiatives and needs visible for a larger audience, through our website, social networks, mailing lists, etc

+ Get invited to special events : YEAdvocates can get invitations to events that catch their interest, organised by YEA’s partners.

+ Find solutions : participate in collective brainstorming sessions organised by project-bearers : time to multiply your creativity !

Participate in the life of the NGO

+ Get involved in the building process of our other programmes near you (Sahel, Brazil…) through logistics, communication, consultance…

+ Participate in the strategic orientations of our association

Calendar and activities

Coming soon…

Looking for something specific ?

If  you did not find the answer you were looking for, check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If the answer is not there, send us a message and one of our members will get back to you ASAP.

Take part in the YEAdvocates Program ! 

The Program draws its strength from its members and partners.

You are 18 to 35 years old, are committed to your community’s development on a regular basis or would like to be ? Join the YEAdvocates Program – it’s all free.


You represent an association, a territorial community, an organisation, a company whose core values match ours ? Become a partner of the YEAdvocates Program, or contact us for more information (

You wish to help us enhance our Program ? Donate in favour of the YEAdvocates !