Our goals

Where inspiration meets action

Our goal is to empower young people by making their ideas come to life, and by ensuring that their initiatives provide long term global solutions to the major issues their communities are facing. Whether those ideas are ethical, entrepreneurial, aimed at solving socio-economical issues, or to educate those who need it the most. There is only one condition to become part of the Young Enough Ambition adventure: the project must be sustainable and play a role in finding a solution to fix the issues on the long run.

  • Foster the success of innovative initiatives born out of young people in developing countries
  • Make sure that all of the initiatives and ideas answer to the long-term challenges one’s community faces, in a sustainable fashion
  • Organize the sharing of good-practices and knowledge, and therefore enable the sustainability of the initiatives. This helps our participants and Grantees to become leaders in their communities, while developing their initiatives.
  • All the initiatives that we support in the Grantees program as well as the participants to our workshops must fully adhere to the the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • By helping the youth of Brazil, France and Niger, we participate to the creation of an intra-Young Enough Ambition network. In the long run, this network will further enable cooperation of the youth.