Brazilian School of First Aid

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What is the Brazilian School of First Aid?

Leandro SOUZA, founder of the Escola Brasileira de Primeiros Socorros, was a participant in the “Social Business Challenge” in 2018 and a speaker at our last edition “Brazil Is Young Enough Summit 2019”.

He gave a workshop about what a first non profit project should be. Thank you for being such an example of what young people can achieve! 

They offer affordable, high quality and informative training. Our short course and personalized lectures are generally given by Leandro himself, as he has been studying and researching on first aid for about 8 years. They offer first aid training to families, and short courses tailored to meet your individual needs, for example, short course of first aid for businesses, groups, individuals, workplaces, schools, first years, families, clubs, nannies.

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Leandro Souza