Programs in Brazil

Where inspiration meets action

Why Brazil ?

For the past seven years, Brazil has faced crisis after crisis. First political, with corruption scandals erupting and shaking the forces in play; second economical, with the shrinking of its economy for the first time in its modern history; and finally social, with the general impoverishment of its population and the widening inequality gap. 

Yet, Brazil is filled with potential. Everywhere in the country, young Brazilians are taking the lead and doing their best to implement positive change on their scale. 

We have chosen Brazil as the first country where we implement our youth empowerment programs. With a coalition of partners on the ground, local NGOs, and our team based here in France, our program in Brazil includes our yearly Summits, mentoring, and funding opportunities for selected initiatives. 

We are always looking for young Brazilians eager to develop their ideas, and implement positive change in their communities. We believe in young Brazilians and their ability to bring about change, and we are here to help them do exactly that.

During our Brazil is Young Enough Summit, October 2019 in São Paulo