Fight extremism – Bjorn Ilher & Fatima Zaman

Where inspiration meets action

"If not now, then when ? If not us, then who ? And if not here… then where ?" - Kofi Annan

Fatima Zaman was selected by the Kofi Annan Foundation to become one of its Extremely Together Young Leader’s based on her track record in fighting violent extremism in the UK. As an activist, she advises key stakeholders on countering violent extremism (CVE). Her expertise lies in the role of education in preventing violent extremism.

She is a member of the Inaugural class of Obama Foundation Scholar’s focusing on the further development of educational resources, workshops and trainings for peacebuilding and the prevention of radicalisation into violent extremism. Alongside this, she pioneered a CVE Roadshow in schools and universities internationally to help young people understand what violent extremism is and spot early signs of radicalisation.

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