Sustainable Development Goals

Where inspiration meets action

At Young Enough Ambition, we chose to empower young people from and for the poorest communities where we will be leading our actions. No poverty is an essential goal to keep in mind as we proceed to support a number of initiatives.

There can be no sustainable community enhancement without a universal availability of a quality education. Projects and initiatives strengthening and creating opportunities for young people to get a quality education will be sought after during the selection process.

We are a not-for-profit, but we want to support viable projects that can both render communities sustainable and create an economic growth, as well as encourage and support these if they fit into the Social Business category, and create jobs in a decent work environment.

In the case of Brazil for instance, the infrastructures are pushed to their limits, due to a multitude of factors including corruption and a lack of efficiency over building standards and their regulation. We are making it a priority to support and help develop projects that have for a goal to foster innovation, rethink the infrastructure system, and build better industries.

From the Eligibility & Selection rules for the workshops to the projects we will support and help transform into multiple successes, it will be one of our most important duty to make sure we are reducing inequalities. Initiatives doing so will receive a particular attention during the selection process and throughout the programme.

Our main goal is outlined in this one. We want to help build sustainable cities and communities. Communities that can learn from each project we will be supporting, sharing the knowledge. At the core of our Young Enough Ambition, this goal is our main tool to proceed to the selection of promising initiatives.

We cannot build lasting growth, quality education, reduce inequalities, build sustainable communities, put an end to poverty, and make innovation foster without the guarantee that the justice system will ensure the necessary peace to do so. Initiatives to protect and/or create strong institutions will receive a particular attention.

Just as it is obvious we cannot do all of this work by ourselves and without your support, we are aware that each initiative we will support and help foster will need its own partnerships in Brazil and elsewhere to have the biggest positive impact possible. This SDG is peculiar, as it must be an absolutely essential component of each application from the young people.

Did you know ? There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals. All of them are outlined by the United Nations member states, and the biggest part of the 2030 Agenda. While at the Young Enough Ambition organization we chose to focus on 8 of them, all of them are tremendously important to make this planet a better place.

If the goal you are pursuing does not fit into one of the 8 priority SDGs outlined on this page, feel free to reach out to us anyway at so we can redirect you with the right organizations to help you move forward.