Sustainable Development Goals

Where inspiration meets action

At Young Enough Ambition, we chose to empower young people from and for the poorest communities where we will be leading our actions. One of our Grantee, Raissa Pinati of Betopia, is working hard to make sure her social business delivers to everyone.

There can be no sustainable community without the good welfare of the people living in it. Our Grantee André Dickson works toward making sure young people in the communities of São Paulo stay healthy, and learn as much as possible while doing so.

Our responsibility to the future generations is to make sure we deliver the best education possible to all girls and boys alike. By providing a platform for young people in Brazil to learn about the challenges ahead and how to best confront them through the teachings of sportsmanship, André Dickson is working towards the SDG 4, steadfast.

Women and men are equal. An easy thing to say if we turn a blind eye to the numerous inequalities there are, in Brazil and around the globe, between the two sexes. It's time we unite and fight for more gender equality in the communities of São Paulo, at a grassroots level. With inCities by our Grantee Laís Leão, we are taking the fight to a whole new level.

Switching from surviving to living is sometimes a luxury. We want to help create the roots for an ethical transition to it. Betopia by our Grantee Raissa Pinati is a social business that does it exactly how it should be done: by benefiting to everybody involved in the creation and the making process, raising the level of life in the communities.

Not one, but two of our Grantees are fighting to reduce the inequalities in Brazil. Both André Dickson with Whole Life Coaching and Laís Leão are developing projects to allow young people and people in their communities to benefit from an inequality-free environment. Whether these inequalities are born from your sex, or where you live, we are fighting them.

We cannot build lasting growth, quality education, reduce inequalities, and make innovation foster without the guarantee that our cities and communities do not become more resilient and more prepared to the challenges ahead. With inCities by our Grantee Laís Leão, we're making sure that we are indeed, prepared.

Consuming and producing in a way that doesn't go against all of our interests is paramount. We need to produce and consume more ethically. We need to ensure that a product that is bought and consumed will benefit to the whole chain of producing, and to the consumer's welfare's advantage. That's why we're helping Raissa Pinati of Betopia.

Did you know ? There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals. All of them are outlined by the United Nations member states, and the biggest part of the 2030 Agenda. While at the Young Enough Ambition organization we chose to focus on 8 of them, all of them are tremendously important to make this planet a better place.