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Do you remember the first time someone told you you were « too young » ?

We are young enough to have the ambition to change our communities for the better.

Young people around the globe are taking a stand for what they believe is right. Thousands of them are leading wonderful projects that are creating a rise of new solutions to challenges what we have been facing for such a long time. Solutions that are proving to be the right ones.

And that’s what the Young Enough Ambition is all about.

We are a team of young people willing to foster change. Within Young Enough Ambition’s organization, our management is participative, we believe at each of our team member must be equally heard while proposing new ideas and solutions. We are also proud of our Brazilian team, coordinated by our Project Manager. Our multicultural organization is an asset and we are happy to develop it.

François Reyes
Managing Director

François launched his first NGO « Citizen’s Awakening » in 2015, at just 18 years old. He holds a Masters degree in Security Policy Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University, and is an Ambassador for One Young World. He was invited by the European Commission, Maastricht University, and the World Bank (among others) to talk about youth empowerment and counter-extremism issues. He worked for the Kofi Annan Foundation as a consultant, the Asia Foundation in the Philippines, and The Stimson Center in Washington D.C.

Inès Slama
Brazil Program Director

Inès is a 24 years old graduating student from Sciences Po Lille's Master "Conflict and Development". After one year as an exchange student at the Universidade de Sao Paulo in business and international security, she has been a member of 2 main NGOs, notably committed to children living in Brazilian comunidades and another to refugees back in France. She currently is working at the National Direction of Advocacy as an intern in the Disarmament and Humanitarian section at Handicap International (Humanity & Inclusion).


Marie Detemple
Niger 2021 Program Director

Marie grew up abroad and has always held development issues as fundamental. She studied at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in economics and studied various social sciences during her master’s degree, which she completed in 2019. As a junior researcher, she focuses on health issues in western African countries. She currently works for UNICEF France as college and high school’s programmes coordinator, and also dedicates some time to Médecins du Monde as media relations and communication officer.

Vincent Rousselle
France 2020 Program Director

Vincent grew up in New-Caledonia and came to France to study international business and marketing at Iaelyon. Aside of its studies he worked in different associations: co-organizer of the TEDxUniversitélyon3, President of the IAE Lyon Junior Conseil and others experiences in different fields. The idea to always help others to raise in competence, gain self-confidence, and have a positive impact led him to become the first ever France 2020 Program Manager at Young Enough Ambition.

Léa Sellem
Communication Director

Léa is a 23 years old masters student in International & European Law with a specialization in human rights. Before becoming YEA’s Communication Manager, she started as community manager. She also works as a legal assistant for Positive Planet International, an NGO that helps and funds entrepreneurial projects all around the world. She also volunteers for the french Human Rights League. 

Coraline Challamel
Brazil 2020 Program Assistant
Coraline has joined Young Enough Ambition’s team as a program assistant for the Brazil Program. She holds a master’s degree in Latin American Politics from Sciences Po - Grenoble. As an intern in non-profit organizations, she researched on human rights violations and advocated for more progressive and human rights-based laws and policies. Passionate about conflict resolution and transitional justice, she also monitored the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia.
Ana Paula Getz Pinto
Brazil Reporting Officer

Ana Paula is from the south of Brazil and has been living in France for more than 3 years. She recently completed a Master’s Degree in International Trade and Business with Emerging Nations from Paris 13 University as well as an internship in a french Fair Trade NGO, Artisans du Monde. Interested in social justice and sustainable development she successfully managed several nonprofit projects and was a member of the  Board of Directors of EduAction NGO, an organization that seeks to enrich the education of public schools in Latin America.

Paula Lieff
Brazil 2020 Program Assistant
Paula holds a degree in social communication with a specialisation in journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University - São Paulo, Brazil. She lived and worked in Paris for 8 years and is thoroughly acquainted with Brazil-France affairs, as well as their mutual collaborations and challenges. She currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil where she volunteers at Bê-a-Bá NGO, raising awareness regarding citizenship and literacy issues in the country. She was also a volunteer during the Rio de Janeiro´s 2016 Olympic Games.
Sandra Caumel
Niger 2021 Program Officer

After obtaining a Master degree in European Laws at Maastricht University, Sandra is currently specialized in public development policies by studying for a research master degree at University of Paris. She has always been volunteering for NGOs linked to development issues or humanitarian aid since her teenagehood, and she is willing to continue on that path regarding her professionnal career. Sandra is currently involved with Utopia 56, a French NGO, which fights for asylum seekers' rights and she is working part time at a fundraising organisation for the NGO ALIMA, which provides medical aid in the Sahel region. 

Jhonel Hamani Kassoum
Niger 2021 Program Officer

Hamani  Himou Kassoum, or Jhonel, is a poet, a modern griot and a cultural mediator who has been living between Niger and France for 4 years. Jhonel is very committed and fights for a fair and inclusive world. For 2 years, he has been managing a project "A toi la parole" which gives handicaped people of Niger a voice and allow them to express their struggles. He also initiated the first slam, humor and scientific symposium festival in Western Africa called "Fish". This festival is now active in many african countries: Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Guinea...

Ludivine Ducassou
France 2020 Event Communications Supervisor

Ludivine has joined Young Enough Ambition to help the France 2020 Program in its Event communication. She holds her first master’s degree in Communication and will be graduating with a second one in Event Marketing & PR in September from INSEEC U. Before, she learnt management & human sciences at IAElyon where she was in charge of the event communication during 2 years for an ecofriendly sports project in a student association. 

Jeanne-Elise Fontanière
France 2020 Logistics Manager

Jeanne-Elise is currently working as an event manager in a Station F startup in Paris. She has a bachelor in Public Relations and also studied management and marketing at Iaelyon. After coordinating corporate and charity events for various organizations for 5 years, she wants to dedicate more time to impactful events. She has a passion for logistics, scheduling and is always looking for new event venues and ideas.

Oriane Pompili
Community Engagement Officer

Oriane has a genuine passion for understanding conflicts and crises of the 21st century, she has always worked for collective solutions and tools in face of increasingly complex and multifaceted challenges. Holding several experiences with donors, international organizations, NGOs and press agency; she has established a transdisciplinary knowledge of the international ecosystem.

Fanny Arnaud
Fundraising Officer
Expatriated during 8 years in Middle east when she was a child, Fanny always wanted to work for an NGO to help in development issues. Committed and involved in the associative sector since her teenage years and trained in project management for three years as part of her studies at Paris Dauphine University, Fanny works for Young Enough ambition as a fundraising officer that fits perfectly with her convictions, her professional project and her experiences. 
Lou-Anne Ducos
Fundraising Officer

Lou-Anne is a master’s candidate in European and International affairs at Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye and is interested in working for a multilateral organisation after she graduates. Passionate about international relations and involved in the non-profit sector, Lou-Anne was the President of the student-run organisation WORLD at Sciences Po Saint-Germain, promoting foreign cultures. After a one-year exchange at the University of Miami, she currently interns for the European Center of Miami and is conducting research on the relationship between the EU and the rest of the world.

Inès Ennassef
Patronage Officer

Inès is based in Lyon, where she studies Business at Iaelyon. She grew up in Morocco in a French and Moroccan family. Involved in volunteering activities since middle school, she founded her first charity association « Nour » during her first year in France. She then took part in several projects like the TEDxUniversitéLyon3, and is now Young Enough Ambition's Patronage Officer, dealing with private funding for the NGO. 

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