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Where inspiration meets action

Do you remember the first time someone told you you were "too young" ?

We are young enough to have the ambition to change our communities for the better.

Young people around the globe are taking a stand for what they believe is right. Thousands of them are leading wonderful projects that are creating a rise of new solutions to challenges what we have been facing for such a long time. Solutions that are proving to be the right ones.

And that’s what the Young Enough Ambition is all about.

We are a team of young people willing to foster change. Within Young Enough Ambition’s organization, our management is participative, we believe at each of our team member must be equally heard while proposing new ideas and solutions. We are also proud of our Brazilian team, coordinated by our Project Manager. Our multicultural organization is an asset and we are happy to develop it.

François Reyes
Managing Director

François launched his first NGO « Citizen’s Awakening » in 2015, at just 18 years old. Currently a Masters candidate at the George Washington University in Security Policy Studies, he is also an Ambassador for One Young World. He was invited by the European Commission, Maastricht University, and the World Bank (among others) to talk about youth empowerment and counter-extremism issues. He worked as a consultant for the Kofi Annan Foundation, and is currently at The Asia Foundation in the Philippines.

Timothée Droulez

After an exchange year at PUC Minas University in Brazil, Timothée is now pursuing his studies at Sciences Po - Saint Germain en Laye, specialising in international cooperation issues. As Young Enough Ambition’s outreach officer, Timothée has worked directly on the field in Brazil, and is now co-director of Young Enough, as well as assimilated to the organisation of our 2019 events in São Paulo.

Inès Slama
Brazil Program Manager
Inès is in charge of leading the program in Brazil, and has spent one year as an exchange student at the University of Sao Paulo (USP). She currently studies at Sciences Po - Lille, where she specializes in conflict resolution, development issues, and international security problematics. She worked as an events and communications intern for a Brazilian NGO in the favelas, and now volunteers for the CIMADE in France, an organisation that fights for migrants' rights.
Nolwenn Dupuis
Program Assistant

Nolwenn is currently studying political sciences at Sciences Po, in Strasbourg. In addition to her studies, she is involved in an association to reduce gender inequalities and other forms of discriminations. She joined the Young Enough Ambition's team to work as a Program Assistant for the organisation of the Brazil is Young Enough Summit 2019.

Sarah Scholivet
Communications Manager
Sarah is currently co-heading the communications department at Young Enough Ambition, while working full-time as an Area Marketing Assistant for an international laboratory. After wrapping up her B.A. and an exchange year in Human Development in Oslo, Norway, she is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Communications and Medias, at SciencesPo.
Léa Sellem
Interim Coms Manager

Léa is a Masters candidate in International and European Law, while working as a full time legal assistant for an international NGO aiming to help people develop their social business ideas. She is also following online courses in nonprofit organisation management with Harvard University. Léa was recruited as a community manager at YEA, and is now co-heading the communications department.

Eva Barilaro
Patronage Director

Eva previously worked as an advisor to the United Nations Permanent Mission of the Principality of Monaco in New York City, specialised in Special Political and Decolonization issues. Eva created a branch of Citizen’s Awakening in Monaco, where she is from, and has been managing it since the summer of 2017. She is a One Young World Ambassador, and a business law masters candidate at Sciences Po Paris.

Jeanne Paturaud
Field Communications Director

Jeanne is in charge of field communications at Young Enough Ambition, with the ambitious task of organising our major events in Europe, and representing the organisation at various events. She is currently studying European law and political sciences at Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne, and will focus her studies in institutional relations next year. She is also working as a legal assistant for a French member of parliament.

Charlotte Leclercq
Communications Officer
Charlotte was recruited as communication officer at Young Enough Ambition. At the same time she is studying Communication in a school in Paris, and currently work as an events and communication assistant for art fairs in Berlin. It now aims to use her skills to the NGO community, such as Young Enough Ambition. 
Helen Martinot
Grantee Officer

Helen graduated with a Masters degree in International Security Policy from ESPOL Lille. In parallel of her studies, she got involved in various projects related to youth empowerment and social inclusion of vulnerable young people in France and in Hungary. In addition to her work at Young Enough Ambition, Helen is currently an intern at Les Apprentis d'Auteuil, a Paris-based foundation working on youth empowerment.