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Where inspiration meets action

Do you remember the first time someone told you you were "too young" ?

We are young enough to have the ambition to change our communities for the better.

Young people around the globe are taking a stand for what they believe is right. Thousands of them are leading wonderful projects that are creating a rise of new solutions to challenges what we have been facing for such a long time. Solutions that are proving to be the right ones.

And that’s what the Young Enough Ambition is all about.

We are a team of young people willing to foster change. Within Young Enough Ambition’s organization, our management is participative, we believe at each of our team member must be equally heard while proposing new ideas and solutions. We are also proud of our Brazilian team, coordinated by our Project Manager. Our multicultural organization is an asset and we are happy to develop it.

François Reyes
Managing Director
Created the NGO « Citizen’s Awakening » in 2015, at just 18 years old. Designed to fight extremism through dialogue, Citizen’s Awakening is present on 4 continents, and leads numerous projects in 20+ countries. Conference speaker for One Young World, TEDxBerkeley in California, the European Commission, and at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Worked as a consultant for the Kofi Annan Foundation.
Helen Martinot
Participated to the creation of the NGO « Citizen’s Awakening » by creating a branch in Budapest, Hungary. Helen led the construction of the branch, and the diverse initiatives in the country. Helen is a conference moderator for the INAT Summit in Belgrade, Serbia. With her team, she is the 2017 National Winner of the Charlemagne Youth Prize for the work of Citizen’s Awakening in Hungary. Helen is also a student at ESPOL in Lille, France.
Inès Slama
Project Manager

Is in charge of leading the pilot-programme in Brazil, and currently resides in Saõ Paulo. Inès is a student at the Institut d’Études Politiques of Lille (Sciences Po) in International relations, and a former exchange student at the Universidade de Saõ Paulo. She worked as an event and communication intern for a Brazilian NGO working in the communities, and now volunteers for the CIMADE in France, an organization that fights for migrants rights.

Eva Barilaro
Fundraising Officer
Currently working as an advisor to the United Nations Permanent Mission of the Principality of Monaco in New York City, specialized in Special Political and Decolonization issues. Eva created a branch of Citizen’s Awakening in Monaco, where she is from, and has been managing it since the summer of 2017. She is a One Young World Ambassador. After completing her BA, she will be a business law masters student at Sciences Po Paris.
Ilyas Schult
Communications Director
Will come up with the creative content posted on our social networks, Ilyas discovered his interest for video-making one year ago, through his extracurricular work, and now spends his time trying to get inspired and to innovate. He is currently studying communication and culture at the Erasmus University Rotterdam after two years spent studying liberal arts at Sciences Po Menton.
Jeanne Paturaud
Field Communications Director

Jeanne in charge of outreach at Young Enough Ambition, with the ambitious task of strengthening prospective partnerships, and representing YEA at public events. Jeanne is studying law and political sciences at Lyon III and will focus her studies in International and European public law. She is currently working as a legal assistant for the NGO Enfance & Partage, aiming at protect children’s security all around de world. 

Rita Sekkat
Fundraising Director
Rita joins us with her experience in order to developed our communication strategy. Having launched a national campaign in Morroco in order to reduce gender inequality through the production and distribution of reusable sanitary pads, she was at the head of a social media campaign with an outreach of over 30 000 people and more than 10 000 likes. She is currently student at Sciences Po Paris in Master of public policy.
Marie Bernardo
Brazil Outreach Officer

Currently studying international relations at the university PUC Minas of Belo Horizonte and volunteering in the international relations office of the city hall (Diretoria de Relações Internacionais da Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte), where she participates to some of the city's programs, Marie joined us during the 2018 edition of workshops in São Paulo and is now in charge of outreach in Brazil at Young Enough Ambition.