Our goals

Where inspiration meets action

Our goal is to empower young people by making their ideas come to life, and by ensuring that their initiatives provide long term global solutions to the major issues their communities are facing. Whether those ideas are ethical, entrepreneurial, aimed at solving socio-economical issues, or to educate those who need it the most. There is only one condition to become part of the Young Enough Ambition adventure: the project must be sustainable and play a role in finding a solution to fix the issues on the long run.

What do we offer young people to empower them ?

Administrative help

We know how to difficult it can be to meet all of the requirements of the country you are trying to implement your initiative. We provide our Grantees with the administrative help necessary to get around the obstacles that are preventing their action.


Tailored mentoring

Each initiative within our program benefits from a tailored mentoring approach, with our dedicated local mentors in every sector of civil society.

Our mentors are excited to meet you, and discover how they can help your initiative become a success !

Financial help

An initiative, no matter how good, will not work if it is not properly funded. Our Grantees benefit from our funding (7000 euros max by initiative), allowed by the generosity of our sponsors and donors. We determine together the amount of financial support you need, and we help our Grantees spend their funds in the most efficient manner possible to deliver the largest positive impact in their community.

Networking opportunities

We offer our Grantees access to the most prestigious networks in the world. Through a partnership with the organization One Young World, we will be sending every year a selected number of Grantees to their Summit. At One Young World, our Grantees will hear from the most prestigious individuals and they will also meet thousands of young people ready to bring positive change to their country, and learn from them.


Every youth selected after the first round will be able to attend our workshops. Our workshops are always free to attend. They last for three days, and allow young people to connect, and learn from each other. Local and national guests come and share their experiences, and we engage with all of these young people to give them the basic tools to make their initiative a success (fundraising, management, communication courses, etc).