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Our Grantees have been selected after the workshops in Brazil in October 2018, and after a rigorous and competitive selection process. Selected on the basis of the realism of their ideas, the potential to deliver positive impact at a large scale, and the relevance of their initiatives in the context of the communities of São Paulo, we are proud to present to the world the three young leaders, Young Enough Grantees ’18, who we will help to change the world for the better.

How ?

  • Financial support. Our Grantees receive up to 7000 euros in funding, depending on the needs of each initiative, and after a number of evaluation and budgeting courses to make sure that their initiatives will be sustainable and benefit to the sustainable development of their communities.
  • Administrative help. Navigating through the waters of the administration can be tough for everyone. We help our Grantees understand how to be efficient and take advantages of the numerous opportunities offered in their state and cities, to advance the interests of their initiatives.
  • Mentoring. Each of the initiatives is assigned to a Young Enough Ambition team in France, in contact with a number of local mentors and with the YEA volunteers in Brazil. This allows each Grantee to benefit from a tailored approach, sustained in time, maximizing the chances of success for each one of them.
  • Access to networking opportunities. Through our partnerships with Brainsfeed and One Young World, we offer our Grantees an access to the most important networks of young people working for the greater good in the world, with up to 9000 other young people engaged in initiatives in all sectors, around the globe. Free of charge.

André Dickson - Whole Life Coaching Project

« Our way to contribute for a transformation in the the fatherlessness world situation is to
train sports coaches engaged in social impact projects, equipping them to provide a
wholistic formation and to fill the gaps originated for the parents lack.

Sport is a great place for character development to take place, through the mentoring of
players in a team by their life coach. Whole Life Coaching integrates sport holistically with
spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. It teaches practical skills
alongside moral values to create coaching sessions that truly impact lives. »

Laís Leão - inCities

« inCities is a network that aims to support and articulate initiatives in favour of safer and more inclusive cities and urban spaces for women. Public harassment is a common factor in Brazil, so naturalized that even us women sometimes do not face it as a limitation that must be seen and ended. We are afraid to occupy spaces, to use our cities.
That is where the network takes place: we want to raise awareness about the issue, articulate debates and workshops, collect data and conduct research, create connections, support interesting initiatives and act on public policies to change Latin American cities into more inclusive and safer urban environments for all women. »

Raissa Pinati - Betopia

« Betopia, which means « be the real », was born with an alignment of Raissa´s personal purpose. She was tired of seeing the perfect life of bloggers that were bringing a kind of publicity on their posts. The real life is not this, mainly when you see people in humble situations. So, Betopia was born targeting the reality and consciousness, and the best way to show it was aligning less favored entrepreneurs of communities that brings real and inspirational life stories.
Doing this, Betopia can improve projects and partnerships with social nano entrepreneurs, creating products according to the context of each storytelling and at the same time influence current behaviors based on humanitarian reflexions and education. She strongly believes on the power of this social business and on the possibility of a great growing around the world. »