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Our wall of sponsors is dedicated to all the people who have made a special contribution in the making of Young Enough Ambition. If you have made a significant donation to our organization, you will find your name below, under the rank you reached depending on the amount of your donation, on our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you a thounsand times for your help!

“Team member”

Donations from 3000 euros and up

Christine Yern, Monaco

Croix-Rouge de Monaco / Monaco Red Cross


Donations between 500 et 2999 euros


KPMG GLD & Associates, Monaco

“Life changer”

Donations between 100 et 499 euros

Valerie Barilaro, Monaco

Yvonne Barilaro, Monaco

Anne Hervé, Monaco

Antoine Chevallier, France

Laurence Martinot, France

Danielle Loyer, France

Louis d’Allende, France

Etienne Droulez, France

“Dream maker”

Donations between 50 et 99 euros

Cheryl Hanson-Rodriguez, Czech Republic

Catherine Silva, France

Serge Martinot, France

Mathilde Bellon, Monaco

Emmanuelle Allart, France

Myriam Delesalle, France

Vincent Dupuis, France

Armelle Friant, France

Romain Richoux, France

“Youth believer”

Donations between 10 et 49 euros

Erik Parigger, United Kingdom

Marie-Stella Delaye, France

Vanessa De Buyst, France

Jane Marks, United States of America

Julien Grosshans, France

Dylan Swolarski, France

Thomas Lefebvre, France

Victor Houssin, France