Niger 2021 program

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After Brazil, Young Enough Ambition turns to other parts of the world… which is why we will be hosting a pilot programme in Niger for the Sahel region in 2021 !

What is "the Sahel" ?

The Sahel is a region in West Africa that marks the transition between northern Africa and the Sahara, and the rest of the african continent. The area hosts intense cultural and economic interactions and has for centuries. The Sahel is home to many ethnic groups and as many languages. However, many Sahelian countries share the use of French language.

Sahelian countries also have in common a very dynamic growth, with a very young population : in 2019, about 50% of all Sahelian people were under 15 years old, and 64% of them were under 24 years old. The position and the role of the youth in Sahelian societies therefore is a major issue, and constitute an important challenge regarding education, professionnal training, health and governance.

Sahelian youth also represents an extraordinary potential for the development and the empowerment of local communities, two necessary and inseparable objectives.

This is exactly the point of our action. Our programme in the Sahel region aims to enhance young people’s capacities to take action, and to provide support to virtuous initiatives for the Sahelian societies.

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Niger program

Niger shares all these problematics : this is why our pilot programme will take place in Niamey, the capital city, in 2021. The Programme Niger will offer the two usual components of the Young Enough Ambition action : 

During 5 days, 40 young people with projects or great ideas that can have a long-lasting positive effect on their societies, will work together.


Experts will be invited to the event, who will host training sessions and debating sessions with the young participants : it will be a unique occasion for them to broaden their networks and enhance their skills. Workshops will also take place, to give the participants to work concretely on their projects. They will return home with new tools and skills, from which their projects will immediately benefit.

Young Enough Ambition will provide mentoring support for a small number of grantees, through a financial grant and an operational partnership adapted to the needs of each project-bearer.


The grantees will be chosen out of precise criteria, after phase 1 of the programme and in compliance with our partners. This support aims to make the selected projects completely autonomous after one year, making the positive effects on local communities long-lasting.

Niger program brochure

Coming soon…

How to stay updated ?

If you are a young person, come from a Sahelian country and often dwell in Niamey, please send us an email : we will send you all the news about the Niger Program 2021. As soon as the applications will be open, we’ll let you know !

How do I get involved ?

To make this Programme come true, Young Enough Ambition seeks to develop partnerships with local and international NGOs, companies and civil society organisations that act for youth. The participation of actors who are daily involved in Sahelian societies is essential for the success of the Niger Program!