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What is Plan International Brazil ?

We were really grateful to have Viviana SANTIAGO, Gender & Advocacy Manager at Plan International to give a workshop on learning how to prepare your pitch! Thank you for your time and participation in our “Brazil Is Young Enough Summit 2019”.

Plan International has been working in Brazil since 1997 to promote children’s rights and gender equality. They operate in the states of Maranhão, Piauí, Bahia and São Paulo to create communities that are free from violence where girls and boys have equal opportunities.

Their work is focused on ensuring girls are able to lead, decide and thrive:

Girls have a strong voice and act as agents of change in the promotion of their rights.

Girls have control over their lives and bodies, taking informed decisions about their identities, relationships and when to have children.

Children and their communities prevent violence against girls so they are able to follow their ambitions.

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Viviana Santiago