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"48 To Be Young Enough"

In order to continue to help more and more young people with positive impact initiatives around the world, we need to strengthen our presence in Europe.

This presence allows us to have access to a large amount of human, material and financial resources to share with our Grantees (young people we accompany) within our various programs.

But even if we have to make ourselves known, we might as well do what we do best: give the right tools to young enthusiasts who want to change aspects of our societies for the better.


This is why, in November 2021, with Young Enough Ambition France, we are launching an ambitious, unique and strong event: “48 Hours To Be Young Enough”.


For 48 hours, 17 working groups formed around 17 initiatives by young French people will be accompanied by actors often forgotten in the associative world and yet decisive in the success of any project. 

working groups

Thus, researchers, influencers and entrepreneurs will be present to advise, publicize and implement these initiatives as quickly and effectively as possible.

In parallel with the construction of this event, we aim to develop our YEAdvocates program in France in order to create an even stronger network of exchange and solidarity among young people.