FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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You are looking for an information? There is a big chance that you will find an answer below! 

If you have not found a satisfactory answer, do not hesitate to contact us at : yeadvocates@youngenough.org. A member of our team will try to answer the best she/he can! 

How does the program work ?

Everyone can participate in YEAdvocates : you need to be between 18 and 35 years old and show a desire to exchange with other young people and get involved in your community (or more broadly).

To become a YEAdvocates, the first step is to fill in this form. Then, you will be contacted shortly by a member of the team to give us more information on you, your motivations and your expectations.

YEAdvocates is funded by Young Enough Ambition thanks to individual & institutional & companies’ donations as well as public subventions. If you would like to support us and donate, you can do it right here:

The time zone used is the one of Paris (GMT+1).

In order to get in touch with other YEAdvocates, you first need to get on our Slack platform. There, you will be able to discuss and exchange on various common canals as well as private ones. To respect everyone’s tranquility, please do not contact the other YEAdvocates who do not wish to engage.

How does the Slack platform work ?

Slack is a collaborative platform allowing members to engage in discussions much more easily. It basically replaces emails. Slack is made up of canals according to specific themes.

Once your application has been accepted you will get an email with a link to Slack. You only have to click on the link and follow the instructions given by Slack. 

Then, to log in your account, you will need the Slack URL adress corresponding to YEAdvocates. Just enter the email adress used for the registration and the password you chose. 

There are various ways to connect to Slack : via internet, via the app that you can download on your computer and via your smartphone.

Once you are on Slack, you only need to click on the canal that you are interested in (in the bar on the left side of the interface).

If you want to take part in a video conference or a online meeting, timetables and which canal to use will be provided by us on the platform. At the time of the meeting, a member of YEA will launch a “/hangout” on which you will need to click to join the conference. 

For example: if you want to assist to a online debate that is taking place on November 24th at 5:00pm in the #debate canal, log in to Slack a few minutes before and open said canal. Then you only have to wait for a member of YEA to start the conference by clicking on “register to Hangout”.

Knowledge library

The library is made up of documents on various themes all double-checked by YEA’s members. It offers reliable information to learn and reflect on.

The library is accessible by clicking on the tab “Knowledge Library” in the YEAdvocates’ menu of our website. The library is hosted in a Google Drive, from which you can consult all the folders. 

Link : 

The documents encountered in the library are of different natures : videos, audio recordings, online courses, extracts from textbooks and manuals, short documents…

The library is organized in themes or in areas of expertise. Each section can have videos, audios, online courses, manuals or synthetis documents.

We need your support to “feed” our library and updated it with newer and more relevant documents. You can participate in various ways: 

  • by participating in our search for documents that might fill the criteria of the library : relevant videos or documents freely accessible online.
  • by creating your own contents : if you are comfortable in one area that is not featured in the library (or that needs to be strenghtened), please do not hesitate to offer your written and visual documents! 😉

You will of course be accompagnied by YEA’s members. If you also want to participate, warn us on the #Iwanttoparticipate canal in Slack. One of YEA’s member will inform the person in charge of the library.

Do not hesitate to share your views and remarks on our library : a topic that is not featured, a document format that you enjoy better… To do so, send a message on the #suggestions canal on Slack. Just do not forget to mention that your remark concerns the library!

Our training offer

Our offer is evolving constantly. It covers different themes and areas of expertise. There are essentially self-training supports via online courses. They can either be non-certifying (in most cases) or certifying (and subjected to application).

The certifying trainings provided by Young Enough Ambition and delivered by our partners, Ambition are limited in numbers. To access them, you will need to apply according to the conditions listed in #training in Slack. You will then receive an email after YEA’s members have selected the profiles.

Grants are granted on various criteria : your motivation, and the consistency of the training with your project. For example, a YEAdvocates that participate regularly on Slack, with a solid project and who needs the specific training to develop said project will be giver priority over a YEAdvocates which rarely engages and shows no specific reason for this training and the grant that goes with it.

To signal a missing training on a topic or area of expertise you are interested in, send us a message on the #suggestions canal. Do not forget to mention that your remark concerns our training offer. A member will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Program activities

Our offer is constantly evolving. But 4 main types of activities can be offered : 

  • debates on important and relevant topics which could lead to joint productions (forum, article, report, video, projects…).
  • practical workshops on specific topics (like your projects for example).
  • collective challenges : photography, music, cooking, online games, podcasts, documentaries…
  • webinars hosted by members of our team or community on various topics.

Those activities are useful to meet the other members of the program but also to open your mind and have fun! 

If you have a project (or an idea) they can definitely help you grow by giving you acess to other brains and expertises. 😉

They can help you strenghen your knowledge and abilities : for example, you could learn a lot by confronting your ideas to others in debates (or by only listening!). 

Participating in the writing of common articles is also very formative, and you will be able to valorize these productions during your career.

The activities are announced regularly on the #general canal in Slack. You can find the planning on our website in the dedicated tab. We publish it for a month at a time.

Link :

To participate in the debates, you will need to register by clicking on the specified link in the #general canal in Slack. 

Then, just pay attention to the time and date and connect to Slack to join us on the #debate canal. When launched, click on “join the video conference”. And you are all set! 

If you would like to take part in animating the debate or in synthesizing it, tell us in the #iwanttoparticipate canal in Slack. A member will contact you shortly. 

Do not forget to vote on the theme you would rather like to debate (published every 2 weeks before each debates). 

To participate in a workshop, register by clicking on the link provided in the #general canal in Slack. Then, on said time and date connect to slack and join us on the #workshop canal. You will just have to click on “join the video conference”.

You can also participate by proposing a theme in the #suggestions canal or by offering to animate it in the #iwanttoparticipate canal in Slack. 

To participate in the collective challenges, you will find all the information (dates, conditions, format…) on the #general canal in Slack. Then, send us your result to yeadvocates@youngenough.org 

We are always looking for new activities. If you have an idea or a suggestion, do not hesitate to contacts us in the #suggestions canal in Slack. Do not forget to tell us which activities it concerns. You can also write us at yeadvocates@youngenough.org to submit your idea! 

Support for YEAdvocates projects

There are various ways to find support for your project in YEAdvocates. 

First, you can share your project (or idea) on Slack to others. They could give you recommandations and feedback.

You could also offer a workshop centered on your project (but sill on a specific aspect of it) to have other YEAdvocates and YEA’s members reflect on it and help you develop it.

Finally, you can send us an email at yeadvocates@youngenough.org asking us to put you through another YEAdvocates or partner who could really support you. 

Do not forget to tell us what you need. We are always a 100% available to discuss your project if you would like to.

YEA can put you in contact with experts and professionals (sometimes members of our community) to help you grow your project. In our community, you could also find people that could take part in your project.

We can also work with you

YEA peut te mettre en contact avec des expert(e)s et des professionnel(le)s – parfois membres de la communauté des YEngagé(e)s ! – afin de t’aider à avancer dans ton projet. A travers la communauté des YEngagé(e)s, tu peux d’ailleurs trouver des personnes pour participer à ton projet, si tu le souhaites ! Nous pouvons aussi travailler avec toi pour donner de la visibilité à ton projet. Enfin, tu peux profiter du réseau professionnel et personnel des autres YEngagé(e)s pour trouver des ressources pour ton projet.

If you want, we can initiate a follow-up of your project. Send us an email at yeadvocates@youngenough.org by stating “Project follow-up” in the email’s subject. A member of YEA will define the modalities of the follow-up with you.

Local groups of YEAdvocates

If you want to create a local group, send us an email at yeadvocates@youngenough.org by stating “creation of a local group” in the email’s subject. In the email, tell us more (members that will attend, the place, activities…).

As a local group, the types of activities you can do are broad. What matters is that you effectively do the work. They can be training activities or other projects : organization of events, creation of a small structure in compliance with YEA’s values, lectures and debats… It is your turn to show your creativity!