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Statement on the status of our programs and activities


Like many other organizations around the world, Covid-19 has undoubtedly heavily reduced our capacity to properly conduct our programs. Due to the current travel restrictions, health considerations, and financial strains, our team has decided to:


  • Postpone our flagship Brazil program, originally scheduled for October 2020, to October 2021 at best. Please note that October 2021 is a tentative date. We are in touch with our partners and remain fully committed to organizing our 3rd program in Sao Paulo whenever it becomes realistically possible, and safe for all involved.
  • Postpone our upcoming Niger program, originally scheduled for Spring 2021. In the meantime, we will continue our outreach efforts in the country and in neighboring nations to evaluate how we can be incorporate interested individuals into hybrid or online programs.
  • Maintain our France program. We will adjust our timeline and format depending on announcements made by the French government, while taking a risk-free approach to the transmission of Covid-19.
  • Work twice as hard on bringing to life our Young Enough Advocates project. We believe this project is the opportunity to make the best out of this situation, and to bring individuals from all around the globe, from our different programs, together. More information on Young Enough Advocates can be found on our website, and follow-up statements will follow shortly.

Now, more than ever, we must support the development of solidarity initiatives by young people throughout the globe. The very nature of our NGO, a youth-led youth-focused effort to train and equip sustainable development initiatives in struggling communities, makes our work more indispensable than ever. While it is truly unfortunate to have to slow-down on some of our activities, we are convinced that youth will play a major role in rebuilding the links between our societies in a post-crisis world. You will find us by the side of those who want to participate in this reconstruction. We are fully mobilized to find the means to get there.

Our thoughts are with all of you that are suffering directly or indirectly from the consequences of the pandemic.

Stay healthy, sane and safe.      

The team.

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