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What is Altrus ?

Altrus is an entity working towards connecting people and ventures wishing to lend a hand and help different initiatives in making social causes a success. Altrus is what we call a successful social start up, founded in 2016.

We are particularly attached to our most important goal: by empowering young people, believing in their initiatives and ideas, and building them from scratch with them, we can transform struggling communities into sustainable communities, ready to tackle the biggest challenges they face in an ever-evolving world. Young people around the globe are taking a stand for what they believe is right. Thousands of them are leading wonderful projects that are creating a rise of new solutions to challenges what we have been facing for such a long time. Solutions that are proving to be the right ones.

Bruno Aleixo & Cassio Falcon

Altrus shares the same values than Young Enough Ambition, but not only: their founders, Cassio and Bruno are also mentors of our future Grantees. They will share with you, their experiences and expertises in the aim of giving you all of the keys to make your project sustainable and autonomousCassio and Bruno have given us a precious help in organizing BYES 2019 program, for which we cannot thank them enough.

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