Eligibility and Selection rules

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Eligibility & Selection Rules

We want you to realize your potential in the best ways possible. We are ourselves committing 100% to making your initiatives a reality and help you deliver the best positive impact possible in your communities and your country. Our Eligibility & Selection rules are here to make sure that we can do exactly that. They are designed to give you clear guidelines regarding your application, as well as your potential attendance to the selective workshops, and what happens after that. It also gives us rules to abide by, to make sure we are giving our best to you and your initiatives. Please get to know these rules before you move any further in the application.

  • Eligibility criteria

1. Aged between 18 and 30 (including)

2. Live in Brazil

3. Apply individually or as part of a larger group

4. Be enthusiastic about developing an initiative for the greater good (!)

5. Only one application per initiative 

  • Eligibility of the initiatives

1.  Initiatives must be oriented towards providing sustainable solutions to challenges encountered by communities in the country

2.  The initiatives must coincide with the organization’s values that are: youth empowerment, solidarity, commitment, and ambition.

  • Financial and practical details

The maximum amount asked by participants per initiative is set at 7000 euros.

  • The Programme

1.  The program, including help and supervision, launched by this organization will last for a maximum of two years.

2.  The totality of the Young Enough Ambition grantees will take part in the network that our organization represents worldwide.

For more informations about the calendar for the selection process as well as other events related to the programme(s) of your interest, please refer to the application process, or directly reach out to us at hello@youngenough.org