Brazil 2018

Where inspiration meets action

Why Brazil ?

For the past five years, Brazil have been facing crisis after crisis. Political, with corruption scandals erupting and shaking the forces in play; economical, with the shrinking of its economy for the first time in its modern history; and social, with the impoverishment of its population in general. And yet, Brazil is filled with potential. Everywhere in the country, as well as in conferences worldwide, young Brazilians are taking the lead and trying to implement positive change on their scale. 

We have chosen Brazil as the country where we will lead our first programme designed to empower young people. With a team already on the ground and our project manager looking for initiatives carried by young people to become a part of our programme, we are in the best position possible to help out young Brazilians willing to make their ideas a reality, and be leaders of positive change in their communities.

Our focus will be on the city of São Paulo. As a major component of Brazil’s economy (representing 32% of the country’s GDP in 2012), the city of São Paulo is an extraordinary mix between populations, where all the layers of civil society are represented, and yet where important inequalities persist. Our role will be to find and foster initiatives developed by young people in São Paulo, that answer to the most important challenges their communities are facing. We want these solutions to be sustainable and provide coherent, comprehensive solutions that benefit to everybody.

What's the programme exactly ?

In October of 2018, and after the completion of the first application process, we will launch a 3-days event with workshops in communication, fundraising, budgeting, etc where young people will learn the basic skills they need to master in order to be effective in making their projects a success. Punctuated with interventions by successful local entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and local authorities, the young people representing their initiatives will already start to build a network, not only amongst themselves, but also with more experienced individuals from Brazil.

At the end of the process, a certain number of initiatives will be selected by our team based on a realistic assessment of both the positive impact the selected initiatives can make, as well as the seriousness of the application and the possibility to mentor it and make it a success for everyone. The more funds we gather, the more initiatives we can support.

In total, we are planning on allocating more than 58 000 euros to finance the selected initiatives and to allow the young people representing them to build a network, to what we add 11 000 euros for the 3-days event in São Paulo. That’s 83% of our total budgetOur priority is to make young people realize that they are young enough to lead positive change in their communities.

How can we make sure this programme is a success ?

At the Young Enough Ambition organization, we are fully aware that we depend on the generous support of both our sponsors, and donors like our families, our friends, and our future allies like yourselves. As an endowment fund, we cannot benefit from French public funding, which automatically excludes an important sum that could be allocated to financing the initiatives of the young people in Brazil as well as the proper management of this organization. We rely on people like you, interested in empowering young people worldwide to help them reach their goals. 

There are many ways you can help. 

If you are a young person interested in applying, don’t hesitate to apply, after going through the eligibility rules as well as making sure the is clear for you. If you have any question, feel free to reach us at 

If you are interested in being an enabler of dreams and make a useful donation, you can visit our crowdfunding campaign, and make the contribution of your choice to our organization. You can also always reach out to anyone of us if you’d like to make a contribution. If you believe your company or yourself can help us move forward in a different manner, please reach out to us as well, we’d love to hear what you have in mind, and to work with you on this project.

If you are in São Paulo or living in a community where you believe we can have a great impact, you can get involved and we will get in touch with you to see where we can work together. We are also looking for volunteers for our programme in Brazil to help us out and make sure the event is a success. Reach us at if you’re interested in volunteering !

Young people trying to develop their initiatives need some form of guidance. We want our Grantees to benefit from the best advices from experienced individuals in their fields. Since we’re looking for mentors in every field, why don’t you go ahead and share with us your experience so that we can hook you up with someone at the Young Enough Ambition and see if you could help projects be a success with our Grantees ? You can also reach us individually directly to discuss that with us.