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What is Brainsfeed ?

Brainsfeed is a collective intelligence platform – a social network for action – enabling both entrepreneurs and companies to turn their networks into a limitless extension of their own brains to solve any problems, to think collectively, get things done quickly, and succeed ultimately.

Young Enough Ambition, by partnering with Brainsfeed, can have a tremendous impact on the possibilities of our young people’s projects. Our Grantees will benefit from an exclusive access to many Brainsfeed features, enabling them to develop their initiatives into successes.

Why Brainsfeed X Young Enough Ambition ?

Brainsfeed will provide the right tools and infrastructure to leverage the power of the young crowd. The ultimate mentor, a collective brain made of dispersed knowledge and cognitive diversity. 

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« This project is as ambitious as our generation. We were told that we are as big as our dreams and every single day, we dream. We believe our generation must carry on this project because we are the children of the globalization. As true digital natives, sharing is the same as eating or breathing. We were born with the internet and therefore we know no wall, no border, no limit and must protect ourselves against our own harmful behaviors. Altogether, aware of the risks and the opportunities, we will move the humanity forward. » 

Aurélien, Brainsfeed founder wrote those words in the Brainsfeed manifesto in July 2016. The thing is we, at YEA, could have written the exact same thing. That’s why our partnership with Brainsfeed is so important.

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Aurélien and his team at Brainsfeed HQ

Some might say the youth is too arrogant and too ambitious, even slightly pretentious. We do not think so! Because we care enough to dare to try and smart enough to know our limits, we overcome them. By working together, we can climb any mountains along the way, even the tallest. 

With Brainsfeed to help them execute their impact driven projects, we have no doubt they can achieve something big.