Youth Empowerment & Young Enough Ambition

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Never « too » Young !

It is internationally recognised that the Youth has not been promoted the way it should have been. It has also been recognised that social actors like NGOs and other philanthropic organisations are playing an active role in enhancing youth empowerment around the globe. Young Enough Ambition has dedicated its actions to the youth by encouraging them to believe and achieve their social initiatives.

Youth Empowerment, what is it ?

The concept of “Empowerment” can be understood in different ways. From one definition to another, Youth Empowerment is hard to conceptualise … The Commonwealth Secretariat in 2007 defined Youth Empowerment as “creating and supporting the enabling conditions under which young people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms, rather than  at the direction of others.” On the other hand, the YES! organisation charactised it as the outcome by which youth, as change agents, gain the skills to impact their own lives and lives of other individuals, organizations and communities”. Some similarities can be fine between conceptualisation, but still it remains vague and heterogenous.  

If the term empowerment is complicated to sum up into a mere definition, it is also hard for specific agencies to measure it : on what ground should we say that someone is empower or not ? Is it really easy as a human being to realise that you are not empowered enough ? What are the factors (institutional, material and psychological) that limit empowerment deployment ?

So many questions that still remain unanswered.The international arena show strong willingness to find a common understanding on the concept, however it becomes hard to have a clear and definite acceptance from all actors.

Today, the role of social organisations such as NGOs, Foundations and so on, are becoming necessary and recognised actors to enhance Youth Empowerment.

Young Enough Ambition

Young Enough Ambition has decided right from the beginning to enhance and promote the Youth and support its social initiatives. Being young is the right period of existence to experience and to develop life skills and social skills by initiating sustainable and positive solutions to social issues.

Noticing the variety of concept of empowerment, we have tried to combine some of them in order to give the most adequate answer to our beneficiaries : we first target basic needs for a young person to deploy his/her potential with moral support, financial and administrative helps, while developing his/her project. Secondly, we wish on the long term to promote the voice of young people to advocate for more encouraging institutions.

Today, Young Enough Ambition has succeeded to show that young people can come together and do good ! Learning by doing has never made such a strong echo to our young team and to our beneficiaries. YEA has developed its network of devoted young people to be heard louder than even together.