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Storytelling of a NGO for and by young people

Young Enough Ambition is the story of four young people who all had a common point: their great desire to make a change for the youth. As it is common to hear that young people tend to not commit into society’s change, Helen, François, Ines and Eva proved the opposite by creating an NGO made by and for young people.


How did it start?

It all started in January 2018. François, French 21 years old student living in Greece at the time, began to wonder how to give a voice to the youth. While he discussed the project with Helen, a young committed French woman who was working with him at an NGO, they discussed which country was in need but yet demonstrating a real potential in terms of youth empowerment. Sharing their project with Ines, a friend met at the school of Political Sciences and who was already living in Brazil, the three of them came to the conclusion that this would be the place.

As the team was already solid but needed to be strengthened, François thought about Eva, who was working for him in Monaco back then, to join the project. This is how the four of them met, and broke everything you may have heard about youth’ lack of commitment by creating Young Enough Ambition in May 2018.

Thus, with nothing but a serious dedication to their project, these four personalities used their previous experience in the non-profit sector to build what the organization is now. Today, our team keeps on growing thanks to frequent additions of motivated individuals with different spirits, origins and skills. Meet our team here. 



Our aim

Young Enough Ambition’s aim is pretty clear: empowering the international youth. Thanks to workshops, worldwide networks access, financial and administrative aid, our team implements local concrete actions to help youngsters building their own social and/or professional project on the long run. Today, the organization runs a support program in Brazil, with a focus on the amazing city of Sao Paulo. Indeed, the later has been very attractive to young entrepreneurs in the last past years, but the economic issues the country has to face remain. In order to give a chance to a youth full of potential, Young Enough Ambition made the decision to start there.

If you wonder what kind of projects the youth in Brazil has been inspired by, here are some: eco-friendly fashion bombers made of umbrellas, sport as a tool of empowerment for the disadvantaged youth and rethinking urbanisation by giving a voice to women in the favelas to end sexual violence on the spot. All these ideas are only the fruit of 3 Brazilian young people. Imagine what we could do with more.



Why supporting us?


With a team of 12 people spread all over the world including 2 of us in Brazil to follow the actions in process, our strength lies in the multidisciplinary background of each of us. Management, political sciences, marketing, languages, letters or journalism, our fields of expertise are wide and allow us to have a skilled team of various profiles and languages. But above all, a deep concern for humanity as a whole is what brought us here.

Thanks to the trust and support of our partnerships such as One Young World, we are making it possible. Indeed, as the wise lady, Margaret Meadonce said :

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Youth can make a change, you only need to give it a chance. This is only the beginning. We are keen to expand worldwide. We are ready to go. How about you?