Arca Do Crescer

Where inspiration meets action

What is Arca Do Crescer ?

Arca Do Crescer is one of the program offered by the Brazilian NGO Arca do SaberIt was founded in 2001 in Vila Prudente by a French religious sister. At the beginning, Arca do Saber was a small school, now it is an important Center for young people.

Amongst its missions are: the protection of young people especially children, the well development of the youth (of knowledge, of personality and of self esteem) and the reinforcement of society and families in general in areas where the social layer tends to be weaker than the rest of the country’s.

Arca do Saber offers various programs to support, protect and encourage the well-being of young people. Among them Arca do Crescer: the foundation of a new professional training center for young people aged more than 15 years old. It offers an access to professional trainings and help for professional orientation and encourage them to reach their dreams.  

Why Arca Do Crescer X Young Enough Ambition ?

A vision shared with Young Enough Ambition

Young Enough Ambition and Arca do Crescer support each other in their actions and encourage all young people to believe in their potential. By not only offering trainings and vocational guidances, but also conferences and a long term mentoring to help young people to see their projects become sustainable and autonomous: the two NGOs believe in youth and in the power they have to impact positively their communities.