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Brazil is Young Enough Summit

50 participants. 2 tracks. 31,500 BRL in grant prizes. 1 goal : foster positive change thanks to young people in Brazil's communities.

A unique opportunity to kickstart positive change

Last year’s Summit, generously hosted by the prestigious Universidade de São Paulo, welcomed young people from São Paulo and beyond to showcase their ideas and learn the basic skills needed to kickstart their initiatives. In 2019, Young Enough Ambition builds from the success of last year’s program and organizes the « Brazil is Young Enough » Summit in São Paulo.

  • Beginners will benefit from training by professionals used to the Brazilian landscape, learn basic crowdfunding and fundraising skills, acquire technology & data skills, and participe in leadership and vision workshops.
  • More advanced individuals will learn about quantitative and qualitative program evaluation, how to efficiently supervise volunteers , to properly manage NGO finances, and attend planning & decision-making workshops.

Registration are open! Closing time: October 7th, 11.59 pm São Paulo time

Do you have a question regarding the eligibility rules, the agenda or the program in Brazil? Feel free to reach out to us directly by email at