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Apply to the 2018 Brazil Programme

How can you apply ?

Nothing is simpler than applying to our first programme being developed in São Paulo, Brazil. 

First of all, please read carefully the Eligibility & Selection rules. You will find all of the informations you need to know if your initiative is eligible to receive our help. You will need to make sure that your initiative and yourself fit our criteria, in order to be considered to receive our mentoring help, financial support, networking opportunities, and administrative follow-up.

After reading the Eligibility & Selection rules, please have a look at the application process, so that you can write down all the informations about what deadlines are when, and how to be properly considered for our programme. To become a Grantee of the Young Enough Ambition organization, you must respect all of the deadlines, or else you will not be considered as a candidate at all. Knowing how many ideas you may hold, it would be a tragic waste of potential.

Finally, after going through both the Eligibility & Selection rules and the Application process, you can fill out the application on the Google Form, by clicking on the big button below to start your adventure with us. Please feel free to write us a complete application so that we can better comprehend the seriousness of your application, and the likelihood of success of your initiatives, and their ability to bring positive change to São Paulo, Brazil, and the world.

Do you have a question regarding the selection process, the eligibility rules, the agenda or the programme in Brazil in general ? Feel free to reach out to us directly by email at